Welcome to Green Women Rising!
Green Women Rising will organize and act to advance the rights and concerns of all those who identify as or with women with these goals:
1. Maximize the Women’s vote for  Utah’s Green Party.
2. Participation of Women at all levels of the Green Party and in all political processes.
3. Participating as voters, activists, leaders, and becoming engaged in the base of Women that is reflective of the great diversity of this state, where politically-minded women can meet and work.
We are building the communities/societies we in which we want to live, and seek to engage those who identify as women in all levels of political activism that reflect green values.
A strong women’s group that comprises a diverse group of those who identify as women is what we believe is needed to advance the Green Party platform and by doing so will effectively address the crises we face in our world.
Membership is open to all people who identify as or with women, of all ages and who agree with the
Green Party 10 Key Values & 4 Pillars .

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